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How Much Will it Cost?

Simple per-page flat-rate pricing!

Our Flat–rate Pricing is based on the number of pages in your web site:
Setup: (one–time fee)
First page: $400
Additional pages: $50 each
Management: (ongoing fee)
First page: $200/year
Additional pages: $25
Update Handling Fee:
Per request / per page: $5
Error fix (our fault): Free
Extras: (optional)
See the Extras page for
additional related services.

Get a quick estimate!

Setup Fee:  $400 (one–time)
Management Fee:  $200 /year
Update Handling Fee:  $5 /update

Learn more about the advantages of flat–rate pricing on our main web site.


1) A typical five–page web site for a small business costs just $600 to start, and only $25 a month to keep it running.

2) A larger, 40–page web site for a medium–sized business will cost $3,525 for the first year, including one year of ongoing management.

Nice and simple, eh?

  • A "page" is typically an item on the menu. Files such as PDFs, Word documents, images, and videos are not usually considered separate pages.
  • Pages can be added or removed at any time.
  • No limit on the length of a page, or the amount of text, images, forms, links, etc., on the page.
  • Setup and ongoing management fees include everything you see listed above!
  • Individual services cannot be purchased separately.
  • Prices are quoted in Canadian currency.
  • The customer service will blow you away!